Student Environmental Protection Ambassador (SEPA) Scheme

About the SEPA Scheme

[Application Deadline: 8th October 2021 (Friday)]

The SEPA Scheme aims to develop in students a sense of responsibility towards the environment, to nurture leadership among students and encourage them to take positive initiatives in improving the environment through the provision of a series of diversified environmental training activities.

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SEPAS Timeline


SEPAS Timeline
Teacher Training

SEPAS Timeline

BEB Train-the-Trainer Workshop

The workshop helps teachers acquire general environmental knowledge and be qualified as BEB trainers; and help them develop a school-based assessment system for BEB in the long run.


SEPAS Timeline

Student Environmental Protection Leader (SEPL) Scheme

[Application for 2021/22 School Year is closed.]

The SEPL Scheme provides a series of training to tertiary students to equip them with the essential knowledge and skills in developing and carrying out green community actions.

SEPL Scheme


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